Physical Properties of Lab-Wares Plastic Products
Resin Max use Temp oC Bittleness TempoC Transparency Sterlization Flexibility Water Absorption %
Autoclaving Gas Dry Heat Radiation Disinfectant Specific Gravity
HDPE 120 -100 Translucent No Yes No Yes Yes 0.95 Rigid 20.01
LDPE 80 -100 Translucent No Yes No Yes Yes 0.92 Excel >0.01
PC 135 -135 Clear Yes Yes No Yes Yes 1.20 Rigid 0.35
PP 135 0 Translucent Yes Yes No No Yes 0.90 Rigid <0.02
PS 90 20 Clear No Yes No Yes Some 1.05 Rigid 0.05


Autoclaving (121oC, 15 psig for 20 minutes) Clean and rinse item with distilled water before autoclaving. Certain chemicals which have no appreciable effects on resins at room temperature may cause deterioration at autoclaving temperature.

Always completely disengage threads before autoclaving

Gas - Ethylene oxide formaldehyde.

Dry heat - 160o, for 120 minutes.

Disinfectant - Benzalkonium chloride, formalin, ethanol etc.

Radiation - gamma irradiated at 2.5 Mard with un-stablized plastic. Sterlizing reduces mechanical strengh. Do not use PC vessels for vaccum application if they have been Autoclaved.